Thursday, July 29, 2004

Economics of light rail

Via Houston's Clear Thinkers: (scroll down) would have been much more economically prudent to buy a new Toyota
Prius for all the light rail riders than to build and maintain the light rail
It's an interesting study in how the benefits to a few (construction related cos) can overpower the costs of the many (taxpayers) and create an environment where these projects are difficult to oppose.

I live in Houston. I've yet to ride the rail. I would like for a system like this to be viable in our city and achieve the noble goals that it aspires to. It makes me think of New York. I think New York has a certain charm because of its population density. Makes me wonder if our votes for mass transit are an attempt to associate ourselves with a city that has that charm.

By the way, if you're looking for a blogosphere perspective on Houston, I'd recommed Houston's Clear Thinkers by Tom Kirkendall. I've been reading him for a few months now, and he always has an interesting perspective- not to mention he's rekindled my interest in Astros baseball. No small feat when you consider how the season is going.


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