Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Voice recognition: the next wave of productivity

bizjournals.com: "Elizabeth Harrell, an analyst for Forrester Research in Cambridge, Mass., said speech recognition applications and services for businesses could grow from a less than $700 million market to a multibillion-dollar one by 2008. "

I certainly hope this happens. It appears that they are talking about technology that can expect a certain range of response. I've tried Dragon's Naturally Speaking, but wasn't to impressed. It seemed to run at about 50%. I'm looking for the holy grail of true speech recognition where I can finally capture thoughts as they happen. How 'bout it science?

Services like Audible provide a great alternate use of time when I'm in the car. The MIT Media Lab is also doing some interesting work on human-computer interfaces. The Affective Computing Department is bypassing speech and going directly to emotion recognition.


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