Tuesday, June 01, 2004

About Us

Our goal is to run the most respected insurance program for professional and technology driven companies. Even though that's a tough variable to measure, it remains the guiding principle behind everything our team does.

Background- Phil Roberts, Techno-Broker
Phil was born in Salina, KS- a town famous for maintaining the fourth alternate landing site for the space shuttle. He got to Texas as fast as he could, settling down in Katy and eventually graduating from James E. Taylor High School. He attended Cornell University where he received a BS in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. He was also a Distinguished Graduate from Air Force ROTC Field Training.

After commissioning, he was stationed at Los Angeles Air Force Base, a post with more surfboards than airplanes. There he helped secure the future of our country by working on the "Son of Star Wars" satellite missile defense system. Following his stint in the service, he moved to Silicon Valley with big dreams of riding the burgeoning technology bubble. He donned a marketing cap on his analytical head and joined a promising start-up. They pledged to revolutionize the computer industry yet again- this time with an elaborate $1M blow torch. The technology was impressive, and he helped deliver some of the first sales.

In 2002, he left technology's bleeding edge and returned home to Houston to join friends who were also planning to take a company public. That's where you'll find him today, at USI, an integrated insurance, risk management, employee benefits, and financial services firm. His military and technical background found a natural niche in professional and technology related insurance solutions.

When he's not building loyal clients, Phil volunteers his time with his local alumni club and the West Houston Leadership Institute.

You can reach Phil at:
1250 Woodbranch Park Drive, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77019
ph: 281.754.8037
fx: 281.899.5338
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